Bio Breakfast

  • This recurring event has ended.
  • LifeX Labs
    2730 Sidney St, Suite 300
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203
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BioBreakfast is a weekly gathering of individuals in the Pittsburgh life sciences sector from 8-10 AM every Tuesday at the LifeX offices.
Pittsburgh’s Biomedical Sector has long been very siloed. The medical professionals and university researchers do not interact with private industry enough and vice versa. Big companies and small companies are often completely disconnected.

The BioBreakfast is an attempt to bridge the divides between the disparate groups that shape the regional biomedical sector. Most importantly, the Breakfasts try to spur informal networking so that people can build stronger networks and help identify opportunities and individuals they can work with to advance ideas.

The BioBreakfasts happen every Tuesday unless that Tuesday is a National Holiday. Otherwise, they are on. You do not need to register. There is no cost. Just show up and take part.