About StartNow

StartNow exists to be the ground zero of all relevant information in the greater Pittsburgh startup ecosystem.

We love to shine a spotlight on entrepreneurs, local resources, ecosystem activity, and all the stuff that sits in-between. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship, startups, and small businesses.

Our Founders

John Quayle

John Quayle

John is a Pittsburgh-based entrepreneur, advisor, startup community leader, and the operations behind StartNow Pittsburgh. During the day, he specializes turning ideas into reality – often acting as the best #2 (COO style) to our region’s startups & small businesses. When he isn’t working, you’ll find him chasing his national and international traveling ambitions or trying to attend as many NHL games as he can across North America.

Joe Esposito

Joe is a Pittsburgh-based Full-stack developer, artist, and entrepreneur. He is coffee-powered and loves to dive into the inner workings of startups and other inspiring things.

Our Writers

Noelle Mateer

Noelle Mateer recently returned to her home state of Pennsylvania after six years in China, where she wrote for Wired, Vice, The Economist and more. She’s originally from State College, PA, the home of Penn State, where she’s an alum. She is now studying nonfiction writing as an MFA candidate at the University of Pittsburgh. When not writing or reading, Noelle works on her cocktail-making skills. Follow her on Twitter at @n_mateer.

Emma Diehl

Emma is a Pittsburgh-based technology and lifestyle writer, covering everything from machine learning in law enforcement to historic building preservation. Her byline has appeared on XOJane, NPR, Huffington Post, NEXTPittsburgh, and Very Local. When she’s not chasing down Pittsburgh’s latest startup news, she’s probably biking over to the newest brewery.

Brian Conway

Brian Conway is an independent reporter based in Pittsburgh specializing in enterprise reporting. His investigations into the city’s lead in water crisis earned him First Prize for Environmental Reporting from the Keystone Chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists in their statewide Spotlight contest. He is also a member/owner at the Work Hard Pittsburgh digital media cooperative. (Twitter)

Courtney Linder

Courtney is Senior News Editor at Popular Mechanics magazine and the former technology reporter at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Her work has appeared in numerous Pittsburgh-based publications like Pittsburgh Magazine and PublicSource, as well as national outlets like Esquire and Women’s Health. She studied English and economics at the University of Pittsburgh. She’s originally from Pittsburgh, but recently relocated to Philadelphia. When she’s not writing or digging into the latest tech, you can catch her reading horror comics or planning her next trip abroad. Follow her on Twitter @linderrama.

Annie Siebert

Annie is a Pittsburgh-based freelance writer, editor, and researcher. She currently works as a copy editor for Heated with Mark Bittman on Medium and as managing editor of LedBetter, a database that provides consumers with accessible data on the number of women in leadership roles at large public corporations. When she’s not behind the keyboard, Annie enjoys cooking, baking, knitting, and reading. Annie holds a bachelor’s degree in English writing and anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh.