Startup Index

An index of Pittsburgh’s tech & innovation economy.

  • 2nd Skull

    A protective headgear company with patented products featuring impact absorption technology.

  • 4Moms

    Develops robotics technology-based products that cater to the prenatal to preschool needs of children.

  • AbiliLife

    Developing a smart brace specifically designed for Parkinson’s patients with balance and postural instability.

  • AdRich

    Connects brands and retailers through product usage data and analytics.

  • Adv. Construction Robotics

    Utilizes robotics and artificial intelligence to innovate and commercialize autonomous products.

  • Aquion Energy

    A company that manufactures sodium ion batteries and energy storage systems.

  • Argo AI

    A self-driving technology platform company.

  • Ariel Precision Medicine

    Unraveling the complexity of chronic disease through precision medicine, starting with pancreatitis.

  • Astrobotic Technologies

    Delivers affordable space robotics technology and planetary missions.

  • Aurochs Brewing Co.

    Naturally gluten-free craft beers.

  • Aurora

    Delivering the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly.

  • BackerNation

    A digital therapeutics platform dedicated to back pain and spine conditions.

  • Bansen Labs

    Helping to level the playing field for people with disabilities.

  • BeamData

    Helping make people-centered data decisions by using tools and technology to measure what matters.

  • Behaivior

    Developing a platform to predict and prevent opioid addiction relapses and overdoses through wearables and AI.

  • Birdbrain Technologies

    Providing flexible and inspiring products that engage students & teachers in programming and robotics.

  • Bito Robotics

    Creating efficient, highly productive autonomous solutions.

  • BlastPoint

    Providing big data solutions that help companies optimize revenue growth.

  • Bloomfield Robotics

    Building tools that help farmers, breeders, and scientists better understand plant growth using a combination of computer vision and AI.

  • BoardBookIt

    A boardroom empowerment platform that helps companies improve the way they plan, create and manage board meetings.

  • Bossa Nova Robotics

    Provider of real-time, on-shelf product data for the global retail industry.

  • C360 Technologies

    A different kind of 360/VR company, producing stunning 4-10K 360 video.

  • CalderaWP

    Makers of Caldera Forms, a powerful, drag-and-drop form builder plugin for WordPress.

  • Canal Electronics

    Aiming to double the lifespan of every smartphone.

  • CapSen Robotics

    Provides software to identify, scan, and track the 3D positions and orientations of specific objects in cluttered scenes.

  • Carbon Freight

    Innovative air cargo products and equipment.

  • Caregogi

    Disrupts the traditional senior care industry by connecting care seekers with quality care providers online at half the cost.

  • Carmell Therepeutics

    Develops technology for producing biologically-active plastics from blood plasma for treating bone and connective tissue injuries.

  • Carnegie Learning

    Leading publisher of innovative, research-based math curricula for middle school, high school, and post-secondary.

  • Cassian Solutions

    B2B and SaaS business that has re-engineered the pharmaceutical value-chain and medication taking “experience” to provide a leap-forward in patient compliance to their prescriptions.

  • CC Busy

    Assists child care providers with the power of voice assistants to keep in compliance and better communicate with parents.

  • Cernostics

    Developing new molecular diagnostic tests to treat cancer.

  • CivicMapper

    A geospatial technology development company that helps clients to leverage their data assets for mission success.

  • CivicScience

    Powering the world’s opinions and sharing them with the decision-makers that care.

  • Clarabyte Solutions

    Providing absolute data erasure for all IT assets, including servers, desktop/laptop computers, smartphones, Tablets, SSDs and virtual drives.

  • CleanRobotics

    Making recycling affordable for businesses, and profitable for recyclers.

  • Cognistx

    An applied cognitive computing company leveraging state of the art and proprietary data science tools.

  • Curavi Health

    Focused on improving the quality of care for the people residing in long-term care facilities.

  • Diamond Kinetics

    Focused on bringing motion data and analytics to players of all ages and skill levels, and their coaches, in baseball and softball.

  • Digital Dream Labs

    Provider of hands-on educational technology for children ages 4 to 9.

  • Discovery Robotics

    Dedicated to making better robots that will make lives better for people.

  • DisSolves

    Exists to fill the gaps left by current packaging by introducing their convenient, dissolvable packaging.

  • Dorothy AI

    Patent Search Simplified.

  • Duolingo

    A free language education platform that offers 94 different language courses in 23 languages.

  • Dynamics

    Produces interactive payment cards that utilize programmable magnetic stripes to communicate dynamic information.

  • EdgeCase Research

    Works with autonomous vehicle and robotic system and component developers to make their systems and software safer and more reliable.

  • EXG Wear

    Designs and makes artificial intelligence(AI) and brain-computer-interface(BCI)-enabled compact wearable IoTs and assistive robotic devices.

  • Expii

    Crowdsourced interactive learning.

  • Farm Jenny

    An Agricultural Technology company focused on animal health & productivity & operator enjoyment for small to mid-sized farms.

  • Favorite Tenant

    Making long-term property management free and effortless.

  • Fitt

    A location-based platform that connects people to healthy living experiences across fitness, food, outdoors, and events.

  • Flexable

    Bringing trust and safety to the $17B backup childcare space by connecting Flexable Certified Caregivers to parents.

  • Forest Devices

    Developing AlphaStroke, the first stroke screening device designed for use by medical personnel in any environment.

  • Four Growers

    An industrial automation platform that develops harvesting robots for greenhouses.

  • Gajjitz

    Makers of the patent-pending squijji™ “spatula killers™.

  • Gecko Robotics

    Developing revolutionary robotics technology for industrial infrastructure inspections.

  • Go Jane Go

    The voice of the female business traveler.

  • Gridwise

    Creating solutions that help rideshare vehicles know when and where to drive.

  • Hability

    Helping physical therapists strengthen patient relationships with simple, automatic patient engagement.

  • Hebi Robotics

    Working to make robots simple, useful, and safe.

  • HiberSense

    A software company that utilizes enabling hardware to create an affordable and smart Connected Climate Control solution.

  • Honeycomb Credit

    Fintech platform that is building communities, one small business at a time.

  • HuMoTech

    Developing powerful and lightweight articulated robotic limbs and exoskeletons as tools to accelerate the development of next-generation assistive technologies.

  • Hustle Fitness

    Provides a smarter way for amateur coaches and youth athletes to practice.

  • IAMRobotics

    Makes autonomous robots that retrieve products from distribution centers.

  • Idelic

    A software enterprise solutions provider for transportation fleets.

  • Identified Technologies

    Offers its industrial customers with a mapping drone solution to increase project visibility and team productivity

  • Ikos

    A flexible on-demand leasing service for busy investors and analyzing internal data to guide future client investments.

  • Impact Proteomics

    Provides protein, peptide, and whole proteome sample preparation kits for fast, reproducible production of contaminant-free samples.

  • Interphase Materials

    Creating solutions to improve the efficiency of water-based cooling systems.

  • Interstacks

    Making machines and things smart & connected. Rapidly deploy the Industrial Internet of Things (I IoT).

  • JazzHR

    Recruiting software purpose-build for SMBs. SaaS ATS for masses.

  • Jetpack Workflow

    Helping small-medium sized accounting firms manage workflow, repetitive processes and build a paperless office.

  • Kaarta

    Transforming natural and built environments collected from sensors into accurate 3D models.

  • KEF Robotics

    Developing technologies to accelerate the deployment of UAV autonomy for applications in defense and aerospace.

  • Knotzland

    In-house bowties and custom bowties for the stylish individual, wedding and occasion.

  • Legal Sifter

    Making practical A.I. products that help people negotiate and keep track of contracts faster and with less risk.

  • LumiShield

    Providing sustainable, cost-effective coating solutions for industry.

  • Marinus Analytics

    Focused on deploying machine learning and data mining applications with social impact.

  • Maven Machines

    Mobile-cloud technology for transportation safety, operations, and compliance.

  • Mega Cat Studios

    Creating meaningful gaming experience for the worlds best gaming platforms.

  • Meter Feeder

    Providing a low cost payment and enforcement solution for small to mid-sized governments.

  • Mighty Home App

    Transforming, demystifying and simplifying the home improvement process.

  • Mine Vision Systems

    Focused on bringing new vision related technology and software algorithms to the resources mining industry.

  • Module

    Redesigning homeownership for the 21st century.


    Software for custom clothiers.

  • Music Everywhere

    Augmented reality music education software.

  • Naturi

    Organic, grass-fed Greek yogurt company.

  • Navity

    Mobility advocacy group. Our NAViSecion System is integrated tech for driving programs with precise metrics to support licensing recommendations.

  • Near Earth Autonomy

    Creating a future where autonomous flight is commonplace and safe.

  • NetBeez

    A network monitoring tool, reports end-user status and application availability for a network’s remote users.


    A platform that helps you discover schools and neighborhoods that are right for you.

  • Nimbus Robotics

    Building bionic shoes to enable pedestrians to walk faster.

  • Nollapelli

    Sheets designed to balance moisture, temperature, and friction – for improved sleep, skin, and hair.

  • PacketViper

    Advanced Perimeter Defense solution. Improve the security perimeters performance & reliability.

  • Panacea.Ag

    Focused on creating efficient, resilient and sustainable local food ecosystems.

  • PECA labs

    Dedicated to bringing better medical devices to orphan populations, with initial focus on the pediatric cardiovascular system.

  • Peptilogics

    Early stage biotech developing a breakthrough technology platform in the antimicrobial segment.

  • Petuum

    Building a platform that serves the full spectrum of Artificial Intelligence.

  • PittMoss

    Makes and sells PittMoss®, a peat moss alternative that is made from recycled paper.

  • Qlicket

    Enterprise SaaS talent retention for the deskless workforce — those in high turnover work environments.

  • Rapid Flow Technologies

    Intelligent Transportation Technology for Smart Cities – Surtrac adaptive traffic signal control.

  • RealX Ventures

    Focused on digitizing the process to better connect companies with the landowners that sell/lease their property rights for a host of uses.

  • Retirement Atlas

    Connect with the Right Senior Living Community.

  • Rhabit Analytics

    A platform that transforms feedback into powerful performance insights for employees, managers, and leadership.

  • Roadbotics

    Empowering cities to assess roads using artificial intelligence.

  • RoBotany

    Transforming modern indoor agriculture with automated robotics and software analytics.

  • Sabius

    Freelancers and independent workers take control of their financial health with Sabius. Budget, work, save and live better today.

  • Schell Games

    A full-service game design and development company. Transforming play.

  • Sequoia Waste Solutions

    Waste & Recycling Tech for Businesses.

  • Shine Registry

    Providing female founders with a platform to ask for startup needs in the style of a wedding registry.


    Instant Answers from Unstructured Knowledge via Conversational AI.

  • Spand-Ice

    Making pain relief products for modern moms who live life on-the-go.

  • StitchBridge

    VR studio, focusing on creating interactive, live action VR, using 360-videos and mobile devices.

  • Street Lark

    Creating curated itineraries featuring immersive experiences throughout the city of Pittsburgh.

  • Subtl Beauty

    A D2C brand, designing innovative makeup solutions for women on the go.

  • Suitable

    Quantifies soft skill competencies and uses gamification to help universities prepare their students for the job market.

  • Switcheroo

    Building devices that allow to reconfigure home lighting without running any wires or using smartphone apps.

  • Symmetric Health Solutions

    Providing a healthcare supply and analytics platform for medical supplies.

  • Thread

    Transforming plastic waste from the developing world into socially and environmentally responsible fabric.

  • Travelwits

    Startup that uses AI to find door to door itineraries optimized around business meeting times and locations.

  • Treatspace

    Healthcare software for a connected network of care.

  • Trusst Brands

    Engineered bras designed purposely for the D+ woman.

  • UpContent

    A content discovery tool that helps you drive new, more meaningful conversations.

  • Velocity Robotics

    Improving end-to-end construction workflow with the Internet of Tools.

  • VIT Initiative

    Using smart technology to create products that help you better understand your body.

  • Wise Telemetry

    Provider of gas sensor system intended to help gas distributors to monitor real-time supply and usage data.

  • Women’s Job Search Network

    Equips and empowers women with their job search.

  • Zensors

    Creating smart cities, offices, and shops using our sensing platform & existing cameras for answers to critical business questions.

  • Zoobean

    A web application that creates personalized playlist of apps, books, and literacy resources for little kids.

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